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Planning your Nutrition and Training

Just check out for the start as to why you want to lose weight. Is it to look good (this gets more yes) or for health benefits that comes with it (certainly!) such as lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease and more or to win a competition or to enjoy the beach parties on holidays? The more serious is your reason for losing weight the more passionate you will be in your approach. So, find out the reasons and then start with that goal in your mind. Believe it or not, the most truthful reason has better chances of seeing you reach where you want. Instead of just going through a self-introspection session, try writing the reasons in your diary. These will keep you on the right track all through the journey.

Start with the planning first

Nothing works without planning. Plan your goal. If you have too much of pounds to lose, plan it step by step. Always keep in mind that once your mind has reached a comfortable and constant fat level, it wants to remain stable at that. So it will try everything to maintain the level. It will hold fat and instead start eating the muscle when you start cutting down on fats. So, do not set some instant fat loss goal. Rather set a target date or month that’s not too near but not too far as well. Make your friends aware of your decision, so that they can support when at times you might break down and stray away from the set goal. Do not aim high. Rather start with 15 percent reduction initially and keep it constant. The results will automatically encourage you to stick to your new routine.

Are you afraid to lose weight because you will be eating tasteless food?

Well, from now on you can eat fresh, healthy and yummy delicacies without adding an inch!

Contrary to the regular belief, restricting your intake of calories does not work in the long run as the body has special safety mechanism. The body stores a special enzyme known as lipoprotein lipase which slows down the metabolism and instead of using the fat in the body (which it saves as last energy resort), your body will start using the muscle tissues for generating energy. Since muscle is 70 percent of water, although your scales will show you going the right way, instead of calories, it’s mostly the water which has gone out of your body. This then further decreases the rate of your metabolism. So in the end you are where you have started.

How can you change this?

By increasing your meal frequency! Make it a point that you do not go without eating anything for more than three hours. This means that you have to plan a regular six to seven meals every day. Although in this pattern you won’t be exactly eating all the fatty stuff, you can still eat some of those delicious cookies and pastries but spread them evenly throughout the day. For example, if you love chocolate pie, take a small bite all through the day with each of your meal. But do not make it your complete meal.

How will this help?

This will increase the metabolism rate, but decrease the food cravings as you will be eating regularly. This will control the highs and lows of the sugar level and leave you with less hunger pangs and more energy. The food will get digested easily and you will lose fat steadily and evenly from all parts of the body.

Maintaining the right balance of nutrition

So as to divide your food in right balance you should cut down the size of the portions you eat instead of counting the calories all the time. The best way is to eat according to the size of your clenched fist or palm of hand. But each portion should also have the right balance of nutrition. A perfect nutritional diet should contain essential fats, body building proteins, and different types of carbohydrates.

The essential fatty acids

The popular EFAs or the essential fatty acids are Omega 3 which comprise of alpha-linolenic acid, eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid. Flax seed (linseed oil), seed oils, cod liver oil, are rich in these types of fatty acids. Regular intake of the Omega 3 increases the rate of metabolism, energy production and oxygen uptake. It is a known fact that athletes regain their energy faster on taking these acid based foods.

Proteins for body building and repair  

Protein based enzymes play a highly important role in forming antibodies, optimizing blood pH, and forming the tissues of liver, heart, muscles, bones and pancreas. These provide the blood with main nutrients such as protein, B vitamins (mostly vitamin B12), iron, magnesium, and zinc. So as to get good amount of proteins in your body, you need to include all nuts, all lean meats, all pulses and beans, all poultry sans the skin, sushi, all shellfish and the textured type of vegetables like Soya bean.

For striking the right protein balance, choose moderate amount of food from the protein-list and that too with low calories. Always remove visible fats while eating proteins and eat fish cooked in less oil.


Carbohydrates are of different types and each type contributes our body differently. It gives energy and aids in proper digestion. Fiber rich carbohydrates are good when you are cutting down on calories. It provides you with minerals and vitamins such as beta carotene, folate, iron, vitamin C and potassium. They help your properly manage the distribution of fat and calories in the diet as they are low in cholesterol, fat and saturated fat. Carbohydrate can be divided in three groups:

  • Starches which include complex carbohydrates such as pasta, macaroni, cereal, bread, rice and potatoes
  • Dietary fiber such as dried beans and peas, vegetables and fruits, whole grain breads and cereals
  • Sugars such as fruits, milk, fruit juices, baked goods, sweetened cereals and syrups and jams

Set the right balance of all

All your meals should contain the right balance of carbohydrates and proteins and minimum two meals should have good amount of vegetables. You can also include protein drinks that contain complex carbohydrates but without sugar once in a day. Along with it you should also include fiber in your diet by eating fruit, oats, rice, sweet potatoes, wheat and vegetables.

Once in a week you can observe cheat day, and eat literally everything to your heart’s desire.

Add more shape, burn more body fat and add more energy with intensified resistance training

Training-Weight training is the right way to go

Although aerobics is a good form of exercise, it alone won’t help you to lose weight. So as to make desired transformations in your body, you need to start weight lifting. It is also the best way to shape the body for both females and males. One of the greatest benefits of weight training is that it increases your metabolic rate which contributes immensely in burning your body fat. Weight training also increases the rate of energy use by the body as it requires more energy for building muscles.

It’s good for all ages

From old people of 60 years to young people, weight training is ideal for all the ages for staying in shape and also for burning stored fat in the body. Weight training has been known to reverse the trend of old, weak and fragile body. Moreover you do not need to exercise everyday to lose fat or burn calories. Sticking to a basic exercise routine helps you achieve what you want.

High intensity workouts

Instead of long and boring workouts, it is important that you include in your routine short but intense weight training sessions. Such routines require the body to respond immediately stimulating fat burning.

Resistance/ weight training is aimed at causing trauma to the muscles. Once the working muscles get hurt, the body starts repairing the damage by using the available energy in the form of fat deposits. And in this way, fat begins to burn and calories start coming down.

So as to manage good results you need to strike a perfect balance of both weight training and nutritional food. The basic nutrients such as essential fats, proteins, carbs, minerals, vitamins and creatine contribute in achieving this effect. And more importantly the resting session in between the resistant training help your body to grow leaner, fitter and stronger.

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